RED ALERT! GOP Could Use Claims Of Russian Hacking To Deny Midterm Election Results

The Commoner Call (8/6/18)

Authoritarian expert Sarah Kendzior warned that the November midterm elections may play out in an unexpected and beyond disturbing direction. Speaking with AM Joy host Joy Reid this past Saturday, Kendzior outlined how Donald Trump and the Republicans could quickly spin a Democratic Party “blue wave” into claims of election fraud and justification for refusal to concede.

Kendzior is the author of The View From Flyover Country: Dispatches From The Forgotten America”.

“People are not worried enough,” Kendzior explained. “They haven’t been all along. Russia has been attacking our infrastructure for a number of years. They have attacked the State Department, the DoD, RNC, DNC, voter rolls, they’ve penetrated voter databases. We’ve known this a long time. As has been pointed out, people haven’t taken initiatives. There are basically three things I’m worried about, going into the midterms.”

“One is that we actually be hacked again by Russia again, that they may actually succeed at this,” she warned, noting that Republican candidates claim “the election is going to be rigged.”
“The third thing is that the GOP may simply not concede,” Kendzior concluded.  “We need to remember Roy Moore, for example, never conceded. This is a party not interested in democracy. They want a one-party state to protect the president whose loyalty is not to this country. And I think they will go through any means necessary to do that.”
  • Link to Sarah Kendzior’s Website HERE.


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