AUDIO: A Judicial Coup d’etat, The Carceral State And The War Against Us All

Both parties have leadership that needs to go. We are in a war.

[Editor’s Note: Wisconsin native and award winning investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill has a direct and powerful message all activists and mainstream democrats need to hear. It is right at the beginning of the podcast. The bottom line message: What we are facing is not normal: This is not Democrat/Republican; left/right; liberal/democrat. This is an existential crisis and party politics as usual will not be enough. Please listen. — Mark L. Taylor]

By Jeremy Scahill
Intercepted / The Intercept (7/11/18)

DONALD TRUMP IS poised to make another lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. It is a grave injustice and is tantamount to a coup within the judicial branch of the U.S. government.

This week on Intercepted: Jeremy Scahill makes the case for an inside-outside strategy for resisting Trump. Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, 33, is running for governor of Michigan on a campaign of creating a single-payer health care system, raising the minimum wage to $15, legalizing marijuana, and a sweeping overhaul of the state’s criminal justice system. He discusses his campaign, his views on the Democratic Party, the Flint water catastrophe, and why he believes he can accomplish his agenda despite the powerful right-wing forces in Michigan politics, including the DeVos and Prince families.

As the internment of immigrant families continues, we revisit Scahill’s 2017 conversation with educator and organizer Mariame Kaba. She retraces the evolution of the U.S. prison system, from convict leasing to three-strikes law, and the devastating generational impact these policies have disproportionately had on black and brown communities.

Filmmaker Michelle Latimer discusses her new documentary “Nuuca,” a nuanced exploration of the brutal transformation that oil extraction brought to one North Dakotan community. The film follows three young indigenous women who struggle with an influx of men and rising rates of sexual abuse, rape, and kidnappings.

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