Rollo May: The ‘Strange Paradox’ Of Our Age



“We are in our age faced with a strange paradox. Never before have we had so much information in bits and pieces flooded upon us by radio and television and satellite, yet never before have we had so little inner certainty about our own being. The more objective truth increases, the more our inner certitude decreases.”

— Rollo May Ph.D., The Discovery of Being: Writings in Existential Psychology (1994).


  • Rollo May: The Human Dilemma — We are in an age of “The Wasteland” and “The Great Gastby” though a new age is possible but to get there we need to connect with the true essence of our existence and possible destiny. May notes, “Joy and freedom only come from facing the difficulties of life,” “Despair has a constructive side.”: Link to 27-Minute Video