What Are The Feds Hiding In Their Child Concentration Camps? Democracy Now! Staff Head To The Border

[Editor’s Note: once again, Democracy Now! journalist Amy Goodman stands up to the blank and blind officers of the state. Just as she did at the Standing Rock protests, Goodman sets the standard for courageous reporting. — Mark L. Taylor]

Democracy Now! (7/3/18)

As the Trump administration accuses migrants of illegally entering the United States, Democracy Now! went to the international bridge in Brownsville, Texas, and found asylum seekers waiting for days in the hot sun after being told the United States was full. We are guided by Christina Patiño Houle, director of the Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network, and Michael Seifert of the ACLU.

We also speak with Juanita Valdez-Cox, longtime farmworker organizer and executive director of La Unión del Pueblo Entero (LUPE), about the separation of families at the border, and attempt to interview an official at Case Padre, the Southwest Key detention center housed in a former Walmart.

Link to story, Transcript and 19-Minute Video


Airport Worker “Heartbroken” Witnessing Waves Of Govt. Kidnapped Children Secretly Flown Around the Country

Democracy Now! (7/3/18)

While reporting from the U.S.-Mexico border, Democracy Now! saw firsthand how migrant children separated from their parents are being sent around the country. We spoke with an airport worker who described children being brought in early in the morning in order to be flown out to other states, and raised concerns about how they are being treated. “The oldest I have seen is 10 or 11 years old. … The youngest is maybe 5,” he says. “They are sitting there silently. … I feel kind of heartbroken. They are very, very young kids.”

Link to Story, Transcript and 10-Minute Video

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