Tell AT&T: Don’t Give Our Private Data To The NSA


CREDO Action (6/30/18)

We already knew that AT&T is in bed with the NSA and its domestic spying program.1,2 But this week, an investigative report revealed the eight cities where AT&T hosts “wiretap rooms” for the NSA to skim our data as it passes through their networking equipment.3

In each of these eight locations, AT&T provides the NSA with access to a special facility designed to transport vast quantities of our internet traffic. Even if you are not an AT&T customer, these facilities may sometimes transport your emails, phone calls and online chats.

Violation of privacy rights affects all, not just AT&T customers.

None of us consented to this invasion of privacy. But so far no one has complained loudly enough to force AT&T to stop. These new revelations can put new pressure on the company to change its practices – if enough of us act.

AT&T’s behavior is outrageous. In 2015, reports first revealed AT&T’s long-term collaboration with an NSA spying program that has for years monitored billions of emails, phone calls, social media posts and other electronic communications.4 In 2016, reports showed that AT&T also ran a for-profit surveillance program selling customer data to local law enforcement agencies.5

Now, investigative reporters at The Intercept have found that eight AT&T buildings are central to the NSA spying initiative. Using classified NSA documents, public records, and interviews with former AT&T employees, they have identified AT&T facilities that are “hidden in plain sight” in eight cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.6

The Intercept report confirms what we already knew: that the NSA “considers AT&T to be one of its most trusted partners and has lauded the company’s ‘extreme willingness to help.'”7

But the NSA isn’t just monitoring the communications of AT&T customers. AT&T has “peering relationships” that allow it transport data for other companies. By monitoring these eight sites, the NSA collects not only AT&T’s data, but all the data that’s interchanged between AT&T’s network and these other companies.8

The mass surveillance of innocent people is unnecessary, unconstitutional and unacceptable.Instead of helping the NSA do it, AT&T should be protecting our right to privacy from government interference.

Tell AT&T: Stop giving our data to the NSA.


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