Michael Moore Asks If People Are Ready To Die To Protect Democracy From Trump: ‘Fascism is at the door step’

Police State


[Editor’s Note: I have one quibble with Moore’s assessment and that is, fascism is not “at the doorstep”, it is already in the living room setting fire to the house and kidnapping the children. We are far beyond politics as usual. — Mark L. Taylor]

By Martin Cizmar
the Raw Story (6/29/18)

Bill Maher has long been warning that Donald Trump is instituting a slow-moving coup to undermine American democracy.

He found a likeminded guest in Michael Moore, who appeared on HBO’s Real Time on Friday night.

Moore laid out what he sees as the best way to fight Donald Trump—all out war and mass resistance to counter Republicans who will stop at nothing to control the majority of Americans.

“They are relentless, they are motherf*ckers to the core,” he said. “This is the beauty and the genius of Trump and why you have to step back for a second and admire him the way Patton admired Rommel. When Trump says he’s going to do something he’s going to do it. He is relentless… and we never act like that on any of the things we say we believe in.”

Moore said that he thinks Americans can stop Trump, but only if they’re all-in.

“Fascism is at the door step,” he said. “People are afraid to use the word, but I think we have got to be very serious about this. FDR and Churchill defeated fascism. And one of those people was in a wheelchair and the other was a drunkard, to be kind… if they defeated fascism, look at what we’ve got.”

Moore compared the fight to what Martin Luther King faced, and said we have much better odds now. King started getting serious death threats at age 26 and lived with them for the rest of his life while raising four young children. Is the resistance willing to do the same?

“What are people willing to commit to? What would you give your life for?” he asked. “What would you be willing to actually put yourself on the line for? That moment is now. We are going to lose our democracy if we haven’t already. We have no choice, my friends. We have to rise up.”

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