Kleptocracy Inc. — Checking Into Trump’s Washington DC Hotel

Kleptocracy, a heart-shaped diamond and a quarter-billion dollar yacht named ‘Equanimity’.

Reveal / The Center For Investigative Reporting (4/7/18)

In 2016, the Justice Department alleged that Malaysian officials stole billions of dollars from their people and funneled some of it through the United States.

Reveal teamed up with Washington D.C.’s public radio station, WAMU, to dig into one of the largest investigations ever by the Justice Department’s Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative.

It’s a tale that features cameos from Leonardo DiCaprio, Donald Trump, the world’s largest yacht, a Malaysian playboy known for his lavish spending in New York nightclubs, and – as you might imagine – lots of Champagne.

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Charm Offensive: A New Saudi Crown Prince Makes His Move On Trumpland

The new crown prince of Saudi Arabia is on a mission to change the way America sees his country. Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jar Kushner has a complicated relationship with the new crown prince.

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Report: Trump Sons’ Private Trip To Dubai Cost $73,000 Or More Of Taxpayer Money

A private trip to Dubai by President Donald Trump’s sons has so far cost U.S. taxpayers at least $73,000, CBS News reports.

The money covered expenses incurred by members of a Secret Service detail for hotel rooms and car service during the trip from March 26 to April 8, according to purchase orders viewed by CBS.

The trip had nothing to do with government business. Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric met with “the team at Trump International Golf Club, Dubai,” a representative told CBS in a statement.

The brothers also spent time with Trump Organization business partner Hussain Sajwani and his family — and attended the wedding of Sajwani’s daughter, Amira, according to a tweet from the father of the bride. He called the Trumps “dear friends and business partners.” Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan, the deputy ruler of Dubai, also attended the wedding. …