Parkland Kids Faced Death So The Cowardly Adults Give Them Clear Backpacks. What They Do With Them Is Bold Genius


By Fabiola Santiao
The Miami Herald (4/3/18)

“Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m just just trying to change the world. Don’t piss on my bonfire. #Neveragain— Sam Fuentes, who took shrapnel to the face at the Parkland shooting, on Twitter.

Just when you thought the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students couldn’t get any more eloquent, they do.

Enter the school leadership mandate that they must all carry see-through backpacks — and instantly, the students turn the violation of privacy into #NeverAgain message boards, a new weapon for activism risen from inside the halls where the worst high school shooting in America took place.

More people attended the March For Our Lives than Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Putting their First Amendment to work once more, the students have clipped on the backpacks the $1.05 price tag they debuted at the March For Our Lives. It’s what their lives are worth, they say, to NRA darling Sen. Marco Rubio.

They pinned “We Call BS” and “Vote” stickers and filled their backpacks with rubber duckies (you silly grown-ups) and tampons (do you get the invasion of privacy now?).


I can’t get enough of their backpacks, which remind me of the transparent clutches some department stores forced their employees to use before the advent of fancier surveillance and more sophisticated ways of stealing.

Did the adults who failed them before the Valentine’s Day massacre think that a see-through backpack, identification badges and some new fencing was going to cut it for bright young minds who’ve been through hell and seen that the doorway is an assault rifle?

Fools are us. …

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(Commoner Call cartoon by Mark L. Taylor, 2018. Open source and free to use with link to )