The Return — And Spread — Of Fascism

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TTBook/WPR (2/24/18)

Dutch philosopher Rob Riemen [author of “To Fight Against This Age: On Fascism & Humanism”] warns that we’re just at the beginning of a new age of fascism. He says the trivialization of society and dumbing-down of liberal democracies is fueling a new generation of charismatic leaders whose doctrine of blame and resentment is just as toxic as it was in the last century.


Rob Riemen is a writer and the founder of the Nexus Institute. He studied Theology at Tilburg University and remembers this time as his magic mountain-era, after Thomas Mann’s masterpiece ‘The Magic Mountain”. Questions that occupied his mind were: What does humanity mean and what is life? How come European humanism has vanished to exist as an ideal of civilization? What is the value of art, and of culture.

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Fascism In Action: Supreme Court Ruling Means Immigrants Could Continue To Be Detained Indefinitely

(Editor’s Note: Even if you think immigration is a threat to the nation this ruling should scare the hell out of you. History has repeatedly shown that whenever a government is permitted to single out one minority group for persecution the freedom of everyone is at risk. You may well be in the next targeted group. — Mark L. Taylor)

By Domenico Montanaro & Richard Gonzales
NPR (2/27/18)

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that immigrants, even those with permanent legal status and asylum seekers, do not have the right to periodic bond hearings.

It’s a profound loss for those immigrants appealing what are sometimes indefinite detentions by the government. Many are held for long periods of time — on average, 13 months — after being picked up for things as minor as joyriding. Some are held even longer.

The case, Jennings v. Rodriguez, has implications for legal permanent residents whom the government wants to deport because they committed crimes and asylum seekers who are awaiting a court date after turning themselves in at the border. Immigrant advocates contend that many of these immigrants have a right to be free on bail until their case is heard.

“No one can claim, nor since the time of slavery has anyone to my knowledge successfully claimed, that persons held within the United States are totally without constitutional protection.” — Justice Stephen Breyer, reading from his dissent in the case Jennings v. Rodriguez

But the court wrote in its 5-3 opinion Tuesday, “Immigration officials are authorized to detain certain aliens in the course of immigration proceedings while they determine whether those aliens may be lawfully present in the country.”

The majority opinion was penned by Justice Samuel Alito and joined by the court’s conservatives. (Justice Elena Kagan did not participate. She recused herself, stemming from work she had done as President Barack Obama’s solicitor general.)

The decision reversed a Ninth Circuit ruling, and the court remanded it for the Ninth to reconsider the case. So this is not the last word and could come back to the high court.

Justice Stephen G. Breyer read from his dissent, a rare move for the court that indicates just how passionately he disagrees with the majority opinion.

“We need only recall the words of the Declaration of Independence,” Breyer said, “in particular its insistence that all men and women have ‘certain unalienable Rights,’ and that among them is the right to ‘Liberty.'”

He continued, calling the ruling “legal fiction.”

“Whatever the fiction, would the Constitution leave the Government free to starve, beat, or lash those held within our boundaries?” Breyer argued. “If not, then, whatever the fiction, how can the Constitution authorize the Government to imprison arbitrarily those who, whatever we might pretend, are in reality right here in the United States?”

Breyer added, “No one can claim, nor since the time of slavery has anyone to my knowledge successfully claimed, that persons held within the United States are totally without constitutional protection. …

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