A ‘Commoner’ Writes: Thursday Billboards For Mike McCabe & Progressive Values

I have been reading George Lakoff [“Don’t Think of an Elephant] recently. His ideas influence mine with regard to how we human social animals share our thoughts through the structures of our language.

One prominent takeaway from my reading is that our work for expanding a progressive agenda of caring and concern for our neighbors is immense.

We depend upon good governance to structure caring and concern for neighbors.  Good governance depends upon good elected officials to serve in good government.

That’s why I work for Mike McCabe to be elected as our next governor in Wisconsin.

Please come and join us for our next People Powered Campaign Billboards event TODAY, Thursday, 11/30, at 4-5 pm at the corner of Losey and Mormon Coulee Roads. We gather every Thursday at this time and place.

We hold our McCabe for Governor signs, wave and greet drivers passing by, and hopefully leave a little thought for others… “So who is the Mike McCabe guy?”

And we enjoy our own conversation each week as we gather to spread the word. And it is fun.

Mark Neumann
LaCrosse, WI

(Commoner Call photo by Mark L. Taylor, 2017. Open source and free to use with link to www.thecommonercall.org )