Steve Bannon Goes Another Round With “American Prospect’s” Robert Kuttner


(Editor’s Note: This interview is worth the listen, however, Robert Kuttner – a pretty standard cookie cutter liberal democrat – is beyond naive on the actual state of American fascist forces propelled by a growing economic crisis. His calls for Barack Obama to come to the “rescue” misses the mark on what the democrats need. Besides, Obama is too busy cashing $400,000 Wall Street checks  and hobnobbing with Virgin Airlines billionaire Richard Branson to say nothing of the fact that his record of spineless betrayal of the working class and democratic party ideals paved the way for Trump. A starry-eyed loyalty to the Obama/Clinton legacy is just what the dems don’t need. – Mark L. Taylor)

By Tom Ashbrook
On Point (10/10/17)

Steve Bannon unloads to The American Prospect’s Robert Kuttner, again—this time on his grand design to blow up the Republican Party and more. Kuttner joins us.

Steve Bannon didn’t talk much to the press when he was inside the White House as Donald Trump’s chief strategist. Now outside, he’s talking. About blowing up the Republican Party. Going after the party establishment. Going to war for his vision of economic nationalism. And one of the people he’s talking to – maybe appealing to – is Robert Kuttner, ardent progressive. Editor. They’ve just talked, again. Kuttner’s with us. This hour, On Point: Steve Bannon, unchained.



  • The American Prospect: Steve Bannon, Unleashed — “Bannon’s current obsession is to blow up Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republican Senate incumbents whom he regards as hostile to his brand of nationalism. Bannon believes that if Republicans will just embrace populist economic nationalism, they can become a workers’ party and the majority party for decades to come. He’s been on the road, recruiting primary challengers to knock off Republican incumbents—and carry that populist message.”

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