Worker Notes: ‘Commoner Call’ Labor Writer Sends Out A Note Of Thanks To Health Care Workers


(Editor’s Note: Commoner Call labor columnist Tom Crofton has been dealing with some serious structural re-engineering lately. He sends out a note of thanks to all the wonderful health care workers at the Richland Hospital who made his recent stay as comfortable as possible. While the two major parties don’t do their job of providing affordable health care to all, America’s health care workers act with the compassion and care far too few of our nominal ‘leaders’ display. Time for universal health care for all! – Mark L. Taylor)


By Tom Crofton
The Commoner Call (1/4/17)

I’d like to express my thanks for the tremendous compassionate care given by the professionals at the Richland Hospital during my recent knee replacement surgery. From pre-op to anesthesia and surgery;to terrific around the clock nursing and rehab, I was blessed by technical excellence and heartfelt one-on-one care second to none. I was fed terrific food of my own choice on my schedule by smiling gals who went the extra mile to make my stay comfortable. The CNA’s and cleaning staff were great too, spending moments to make my day better. We have work to do in this country making the financial part of medical care work for our people, but the delivery of care at our hospital, and our people doing that work, are top notch. Thank you all.

(Art from Labor Temple mural in Madison, Wisconsin.)