A Commoner Writes: Give Us More Than The Typical Left vs Right Stuff


I am sure it is no small task to compile this document every time.  But for me, and perhaps for others, it appears more often than not to be a compilation of the typical left vs. right stuff I can get from the usual sources from both sides of the political coin.  I urge you to look beyond these typical sources and also find presentations from places like The socialist party, James Corbett, Boiling Frog Post, the world of monetary reform, the P2P community, those whose work is genuinely that of restoration of The Commons, alternative communal structures like the sharing economy, the Community Rights movement to take back democracy in the name of The People……  the list could go on.

What I am suggesting strongly is that the left/right paradigm most of the populace has already checked out from, if one is to take voting as a measure.  As such I am of the belief that most of the populace that your “Commoner” name intends to reach is already hip to the charade of left/right politics and its media presentation and that they are longing to find real commons solutions and real outside the box presentations of the fine work being done by others that is not caught up in this smoke and mirrors of conventional media.

I will try to send what things I find helpful from time to time. Perhaps a solicitation from your readers for information about good things going on in their world would be helpful.

All the best,

Mark Heffernan

(Editor’s Reply: Feel free to send along items you think might be of interest to Commoner Call readers, Mark. If I feel comfortable with the source and I have enough base knowledge to feel comfortable with the content I will post it. I did check out the Democratic Socialists of America website and posted something from them today. Thanks for reading and writing. – Mark L. Taylor)

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