Comedian Anthony Atamanuik’s Walks Stephen Colbert Through The Steps Of Becoming Trump. (Hint: It Has Something To Do With Being A Shih Tzu)


The Commoner Call (5/26/17)

As the star of Comedy Central’s new “The President Show” comedian Anthony Atamanuik morphs into an outrageous version of Donald Trump. During a recent visit to Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, Atamanuik demonstrated the process of becoming Donald Trump. Without the wig, make-up and requisite floor-dragging red tie, the comedian changes before your eyes; flashing in an out of character with an ease that is fascinating.

The key, Atamanuik says, is body posture – to always be leaning forward, to always be off balance. One couldn’t imagine a more succinct way to sum up the Trumpian approach to government.

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