Jon Stewart Lets You Know Sure Fire Way To Tell When Trump Is Lying To Your Face

The Commoner Call (3/2/17)

Jon Stewart made a surprise appearance on Stephen Colbert’s Late Night show with a couple important messages for citizens and the journalists they depend upon for the information necessary to the functioning of a democratic government.

On the first score Stewart did what so few are willing to do in the media: to call out Donald Trump – the Supposed-President – for the blatant liar that he is. What’s a quick tip-off that Trump is about to lie to your face, Stewart asks? Whenever he says “Believe me…”, Stewart notes. Think of all the times – and notice some time in the next 48 hours – when Trump precedes a whooper with “Believe me”.

If a used car salesman were to tell you, “Believe me, this baby is a real jewel, best little car we’ve had on the lot in two years”, would you believe he was telling you the truth?

When someone is speaking the truth – hell, when you are speaking the truth – do you feel compelled to say, “Believe me”? Of course not. Only liars are compelled to convince you they are speaking the truth. Stewart shows a devastating video montage of Trump telling us to, “Believe me.”

The second part of Stewart’s message was a direct challenge to the press to get over the fact Trump doesn’t like them; that he canceled out on their annual smoozefest at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Sure, Stewart says, it’s hard for media bigwigs to, but, it is time to accept they have finally met, “A blabbermouth who’s as thin-skinned and narcissistic as you are.”

So what are journalists to do in the face of such disdain and nastiness? How, Stewart, who has been the target of Trump’s anti-semitic bile, asks, is the media to get its “groove back”?

“I recommend journalism,” he deadpans.

It’s fun to see two such great comedians riffing off each other as poor Colbert does his level best to guide Stewart away from getting him in trouble with the FCC. The laughs are a treat. The truth is necessary. And that is something you can believe in. – M.L. Taylor

Link to 10-Minute Video


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