Chris Hedges’ Address To The Peoples Party Convention Lays Out The Political Lose-Lose Reality We Face & Must Overcome

“In America you are only allowed to vote against what you hate.”

Chris Hedges

“We need to overthrow the system, not placate it.”

Voting Green Party

“I am not willing to surrender every issue I care about to become an accomplice n this moral squalor and death march to extinction. But I am also not naive enough to tell you we can win. The corporte state has built very effective mechanism of control and oppression, but these corporate forces has us by the throat and they have my children by the throat. In the end, I do not fight fascists because I will win, I fight fascists because they are fascists.”

“Electoral burlesque.”

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‘People’s Party’ Convention Platform 2020

Do you want to get behind a political party that represents actual change, humanity and hope? Check out the People’s Party platform.

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