Joe Biden Needs Black Voters To Win. So Why Does He Keep Insulting Us?

The bottom line is, Biden is by no means a shoo-in.

By Benjamin Dixon
The Guardian (8/10/20)

If the 2020 election was left up to white Americans, Donald Trump would be given a second term. According to the recent Hill-HarrisX poll, 50% of white voters would vote for Trump if the election were held today. So once again, it is up to Black voters to save America from itself.

But when one considers how drastically the Democratic party needs the Black vote to perform for their candidate to win – according to some estimates, they need turnout rate of 65% of all Black Americans and, of that group, nearly 90% of Black voters must vote for Democrats for them to secure the White House – one must question why Joe Biden is allowed to continue speaking when every other statement he makes about Black people is “problematic” if you’re trying to spin it and out-right racist if you’re being honest.

Biden keeps helping Trump reelection

Black Americans who are not dutiful members of the political establishment – whose job it is to explain away every bumbling and insulting thing the Democratic party’s forced pick spits up – are rightly upset at the fact that Joe’s own words are making Trump’s re-election more likely.

If anyone on team Joe is under the impression that 2020 is a slam dunk, one only needs to look at the recent polling to understand this isn’t true. White America has a commitment to Trump that is unmoved by the fact that 160,000+ Americans have died as a result of his absurd and criminally pathetic response to Covid-19.

The economy has tanked, but 48% of Americans making over $75,000 a year still support Trump as opposed to 39% for Biden. Perhaps most disturbingly in that poll, Trump leads with independent voters – albeit within the margin of error.

The bottom line is, Biden is by no means a shoo-in. And to that end, it would be best for his campaign to level with Joe about the Black vote…

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