What We Have To Learn From Trump: Madness Can Be Our Friend

These next months are going to be the showdown.

[Editor’s Note: Yes, of course, Donald Trump a personality-disordered sociopath, but there is far more to understanding the psychology of Trump, corporate democrats and ourselves. Want to be part of the opposition? Understand the kind of opposition to all established power centers that is needed. This is a thought provoking interview. As a footnote, listen to how the French government supports of families and health care brought the pandemic under control. — Mark L. Taylor]

By Michael Moore
Rumble / Episode 94 (6/24/20)

Dr. Steven Reisner is a psychologist and political activist who brilliantly uses his study of the human mind to understand and explain our political reality. He reveals what all of the armchair psycho-analyses of Donald Trump gets wrong and provides us with a new framework for how to confront Trump and Trumpism. He’s launched a new podcast “Madness” which is where “psychology and capitalism collide” and he joins Michael to discuss racism, democracy, the problem with psychology today and why we must rethink our basic values.

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