Hoops Coach Calls Out Colleagues, Sports Leagues’ Next Moves To Challenge Racism, ‘Basketball Peaceful Protest’

Only A Game / WBUR (6/12/20)

North Carolina Central men’s basketball coach LeVelle Moton recently criticized fellow coaches for not speaking out against police brutality. This week on Only A Game, Moton shares his own experiences with the police. Also, a conversation about what teams and leagues can actually do to combat systemic racism and police violence. And the story of a woman who traveled to Minneapolis with a portable hoop to play basketball with protesters and cops. Join us!

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Week In Sports: NFL Will Recognize Juneteenth Holiday, But remains AWOL On Colin Kaepernick

Weekend edition / NPR (6/13/20)

NPR’s Scott Simon speaks to ESPN senior writer Howard Bryant about the NFL’s response to a shift in the culture over racial injustice and NASCAR’s banning of the Confederate flag.

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