Is Bill Barr The Single Most Dangerous Member Of The Trump Administration?


“He’s definitely going to go down in modern American history as perhaps the most compromised, policitized, partisan, illiberal attorney general of all. But let’s be clear: that’s precisely why Barr is the attorney general of Donald Trump’s dreams.”

By Mehdi Hasan
Deconstructed (5/21/20)

ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR has emerged as the shrewdest and most effective member of the Trump administration, weaponizing the Department of Justice to protect the president and his allies while threatening his enemies with legal retribution. He has made it clear that in sharp contrast to the traditionally independent role of the AG, he is willing to serve as Donald Trump’s enforcer, providing a facade of legal propriety to the president’s election-year political maneuverings. What does this mean for the future of American politics? How bad could things get if Trump secures a second term this November? Emily Bazelon, Yale research fellow, staff writer for New York Times magazine, and host of Slate’s “Political Gabfest,” joins Mehdi Hasan to discuss.

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