‘This American Life’ Episode On American Refugee Camps Wins First-Ever Pulitzer Prize For Radio Investigative Report



[Editor’s Note: This amazing episode of ‘This American Life’ profiles the brutal, inhumanity of American asylum policies on the southern border. In the midst of our own struggles these days, we cannot lose our humanity by ignoring the terror inflicted on innocents in our name and on our dime. To do so is to lose our humanity. — Mark L. Taylor]

This American Life (5/15/20)

Last week, our episode The Out Crowd won the very first Pulitzer Prize ever awarded to a radio show. This is the episode that won, with some updates on the stories. Hear what the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy actually means, on the ground, at the Mexican border.

Prologue: Host Ira Glass visits refugee camps we don’t call refugee camps—right on our country’s doorstep. (14 minutes)

ACT I — Goodbye, Stranger: Los Angeles Times reporter Molly O’Toole talks to U.S. asylum officers—the people who end up sending migrants back to Mexico. And they don’t feel good about it. Read Molly’s story. (21 minutes)

ACT II — Take The Long Way Home: Reporter Emily Green happens to meet a man being sent back to Mexico who tells her he’s afraid of being kidnapped—and then, he gets kidnapped. (18 minutes)

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