Notably Quotable: “Of course, everybody wants to save every life they can — but…”


“Of course, everybody wants to save every life they can — but the question is, towards what end, ultimately?” 

— Chris Christie, former New Jersey governor and Trump pal They Are Giving You Death and Calling It Liberty


“What’s been happening to working people in this country is like a frog in boiling water, where things get more dire and extreme, where there has been this slow burn of declining stability and voice, and this crisis turned up the heat and exposed just how unconscionably corporations treat workers in our economy and society. This is not just a momentary surge in reaction to this particular crisis. This crisis is exposing just how inhumanly corporations are treating workers in a way that working people are not going to accept again.”

— Andrea Dehlendorf, co-executive director of United for Respect, a non-profit fighting for low-wage workers, ‘Stop throwing us bare bones’: US union activism surges amid coronavirus


“Today the president tweeted a lot, even for him. In one hour this morning, he tweeted or retweeted 52 times. By the end of the day he had averaged a tweet every 7.5 minutes. None of the tweets mentioned the almost 80,000 Americans who have died from Covid-19, or any plans for addressing the pandemic.”

— Heather Cox Richardson, Letters From An American (5/11/20)


“The Trump administration has no plan to reopen safely. They’re just going to let working class people and people of color die. That’s the plan.”

—Leah Greenberg, Indivisible


“Trump and his apparatchiks will not only step up their propaganda; they will increase their efforts to exhaust our critical thinking and to annihilate truth, in the words of the Russian dissident Garry Kasparov. We will see even more “alternative facts.” We will see even more brazen attempts to rewrite history. We will hear even more crazy conspiracy theories. We will witness even more lashing out at reporters, more rage, and more lies.”

— Peter Wehner, The President Is Unraveling


“In an April letter to Amazon shareholders addressing the coronavirus, Jeff Bezos quoted the late author Dr. Seuss, who once wrote, “When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.” Bezos was presumably speaking of Amazon’s profits, but as Amazon workers risk their lives and die to feed that purpose, it’s clear that, at least for them, he’s chosen destruction.”

— J.C. Pan, Billionaires Are Eating the Economy


“Anarchists know that a long period of education must precede any great fundamental change in society, hence they do not believe in vote begging, nor political campaigns, but rather in the development of self-thinking individuals.”

— Lucy Parsons, early 20th century American anarchist and journalist.