Our Wisconsin Revolution: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


By Mike McCabe
Our Wisconsin Revolution (5/4/20)

I am aware of a concerted social media effort to discredit the online tool Our Wisconsin Revolution has provided to help eligible voters get candidates on the ballot for the August and November elections.

The tool doesn’t play favorites. Nearly 400 candidates from every part of the state, regardless of party, who’ve filed to run with the Wisconsin Elections Commission are included. Their inclusion is not an endorsement. The purpose of this tool is not to promote a political agenda or any particular candidates. Its purpose is to help the public engage in the process of getting nomination signatures during a public health emergency in hopes of preventing a situation where a substantial number of candidates fall short of the number of signatures needed to qualify for a place on the ballot, thereby limiting the choices voters will have in those elections. Voters are trusted to decide for themselves who they want to sign for. The point of this project isn’t to tell you who to support. It’s to give you a tool to help make sure democracy survives COVID-19.

The information on the forms you find when you go to nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com comes from the candidates’ records on file with the Wisconsin Elections Commission. We invite and encourage you to bring any concerns about the information on the forms to our attention. Those concerns will be investigated and any needed corrections will be made promptly.


Take Power In Your Hands By Signing For Candidates Safely At Home

Due to COVID-19, the Wisconsin Election Commission recommends that candidates collect signatures for ballot access by mail. OWR is providing the public with a straightforward solution to find candidates and sign for them. Fill out the form below and we’ll find candidates in your area and generate pre-filled nomination papers that you can print, sign, and mail.

Link To Form

State Assembly – District 96

You may sign for at most one candidate for State Assembly. Please select one of the following candidates:

Candidate Party PDF
Loren Oldenburg Republican https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/9KDhZlqb/nomination_paper.pdf
Tucker Gretebeck Democratic https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/-GfpZNQg/nomination_paper.pdf
Josefine Marie Jaynes Democratic https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/7KDxZNQ4/nomination_paper.pdf

State Senate – District 32

You may sign for at most one candidate for State Senate. Please select one of the following candidates:

Candidate Party PDF
Paul Michael Weber Democratic https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/-KfhPlqa/nomination_paper.pdf
Brad Pfaff Democratic https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/AKfxPNq4/nomination_paper.pdf
Dan Kapanke Republican https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/-GDxPNqa/nomination_paper.pdf

Vernon County District Attorney

You may sign for at most one candidate for District Attorney. Please select one of the following candidates:

Candidate Party PDF
Timothy J. Gaskell Republican https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/9KDxZlQb/nomination_paper.pdf

U.S. House of Representatives – District 3

You may sign for at most one candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. Please select one of the following candidates:

Candidate Party PDF
MARK NEUMANN Democratic https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/AKfhZlQb/nomination_paper.pdf
Jonathan Sundblom Republican https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/7GDpPlq2/nomination_paper.pdf
DERRICK F. MR. VAN ORDEN Republican https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/7KDpPlq2/nomination_paper.pdf
Ron Kind Democratic https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/9GfpPNqb/nomination_paper.pdf
Brandon Cook Republican https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/-GDpPlQ4/nomination_paper.pdf
Kevin John Ruscher Republican https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/9KDpZNQ4/nomination_paper.pdf
ALEX WILLIAM MR VIRIJEVICH Republican https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/AKfpPlQa/nomination_paper.pdf
JESSI EBBEN Republican https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/7KfhPNqa/nomination_paper.pdf
TIM AARON MR. PETERS Republican https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/AKDpZNQG/nomination_paper.pdf
JOHN MR. GARSKE Republican https://nominationpapers.ourwisconsinrev.com/pdfs/AGflZNqm/nomination_paper.pdf