‘Intercepted’ — The Failed State Of America

The fact that politicians don’t feel sort of the hot breath of popular discontent down their neck, or at least it’s not as pressing for them, I think, is one major reason why the government fails us so systematically.

By Jeremy Scahill
Intercepted (4/10/20)

BERNIE SANDERS HAS suspended his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president, as the country continues to be rocked by Covid-19 cases and hospitals are struggling to obtain basic supplies. The U.S. has seen almost 20 million unemployment claims in just the past few weeks while new data is revealing that Covid-19 is killing African Americans disproportionately in some major cities. What we are witnessing in stark reality is that contrary to the rhetoric of American greatness, a mask now being lifted to reveal a failed state.

On the new Intercepted: Jacobin magazine Executive Editor Seth Ackerman discusses the pandemic, capitalism, the suspension of the Sanders campaign, and the future of the U.S.

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