Right Wing Religion Round-Up: ‘Death is a welcomed friend’: Pastor Calls On Christians To Defy Coronavirus Safety Lockdown — Even If It Kills Them Or Neighbors…’

By Sky Palma

Raw Story (4/8/20)

Pastor Tony Spell of Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge spoke to TMZ this Wednesday, saying that if his church members die from coronavirus, they’ve done so in the name of religious freedom.

Spell was charged with violating an executive order that bans churches from holding large gatherings, but showed his defiance last Tuesday by holding a service that was attended by over 1,000 people. Speaking to TMZ, Spell said that true Christians would be willing to die from coronavirus, adding that those who “prefer tyranny over freedom do not deserve freedom.”

“The bible teaches us to be absent from our bodies so we can be present with the Lord,” Spell said. “So like any revolutionary, or like any zealot, or like any pure religious person, death looks to them like a welcomed friend.”

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Clueless Churchgoer Tells CNN She Can’t Get Sick Of Make Others Sick Because ‘I’m covered in Jesus’ blood’

By David Edwards
Raw Story (4/5/20)

A churchgoer in Ohio told CNN that she is attending services during the coronavirus pandemic because she is “covered in Jesus’ blood” and can’t be infected.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else,” the woman told CNN’s Gary Tuchman from her car as she was leaving church services.

“Aren’t you worried you could impact other people if you get sick inside?” the CNN reporter asked.

“No, I’m covered in Jesus’ blood,” the woman replied. “I’m covered in Jesus’ blood!”

“There are other people who don’t go to this church who you might infect,” Tuchman noted.

“I go to the grocery store every day!” the woman exclaimed. “I’m in Walmart, Home Depot. Look at those people. They could get me sick!”

“But they’re not because I’m covered in his blood,” she added before driving off.

Watch the video below from CNN.

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Why Evangelical Trumpsters Want Him To Punish Chinese Authorities For The Pandemic

By Alex Henderson
AlterNet (4/8/20)

In recent weeks, some far-right white evangelicals in the United States have been bombarded with criticism for defying social distancing measures and continuing to hold large gatherings. Moreover, they have continued to rally behind President Donald Trump despite the fact that he spent weeks downplaying the severity of the coronavirus pandemic. But that doesn’t mean that the Christian Right doesn’t want someone to pay a price politically for the pandemic, and according to Politico reporter Gabby Orr, their target is the government of Mainland China. …

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