Michel Moore: Episode 53: EMERGENCY PODCAST SYSTEM — The First Million Dead


By Michael Moore
Rumble Podcast (3/20/20)

Michael Moore sounds the alarm like never before. We don’t have days — we have HOURS left to act. Trump’s weeks of inaction and leading the public to believe this virus is “a hoax” will now cost millions of people their lives. Perhaps we can save some of them — but only if everyone who hears this podcast takes action today. Michael exposes the facts that have been kept from the public. He reveals what he’s been told by several public health experts, doctors, government officials and one source who is in frequent and direct contact with President Trump. None of it is pretty. There will be no more school this year — and maybe little or none next year as well.

Our hospitals are about to get slammed and overwhelmed on a massive scale. The Army Corps of Engineers must be called up to build dozens of field hospitals. We will not have enough nurses and doctors. The government must nationalize industries to build the ventilators and other equipment we need. This must happen this week. Mike issues a call to action to save lives and for all of us to make serious sacrifices like we never have before.

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By Michael Moore
Rumble Podcast (3/25/20)

Moore explains how the ‘rescue bill’ emerging from congress is another corporate giveaway to corporations.

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