A Commoner Writes: I Hereby Declare Dr. Anthony Fauci Our ‘Acting President’

His quotes are priceless and will save many lives.

Here is one I love: ”The golden rule that I say is that, when you think you are doing too much, you are probably doing enough or not enough…”
And here’s another one: “Don’t even for a second, think that I am saying we shouldn’t—I like to be criticized,” he added.  “When I say, ‘Oh, you are being too overactive,’ that is good for me.”
Ignore POTUS; turn your attention to this leader.  He is a crisis leader and we are, for sure, in crisis.
Naked POTUS, with no clothes, in full view of all now, along with his henchmen, a bunch of whom are already in isolation, clutching their balls.
Kris Knight
Madison, WI.