Giving Another Billionaire A Free Pass: Why Is The Media Giving Mike Bloomberg A Free Pass?

Around-the-clock Mayor Mike propaganda feed.

By Bob Hennelly
Salon (2/9/20)

Surely the American news media is way too on top of its game to miss a New York City billionaire — with a global brand and a little racist baggage — execute a takeover of one of America’s major political parties and become president.


Just as Trump did in 2016, he’s big-footed the process in such a way that once again we see just how devoid of core values the corporate machinery of both political parties are, just like the corporate media covering them.

Currently, aforementioned billionaire Michael Bloomberg is flooding the corporate media with hundreds of millions of dollars in his bid for the presidency. Meanwhile,, the news media is myopically fixated on the caucus meltdown in Iowa and the upcoming Tuesday night primary on New Hampshire, where Bloomberg is not on the ballot.

The “getting in the game late” cover story the Bloomberg campaign is using to excuse not getting down and dirty in the diners and flea markets of New Hampshire just doesn’t fly.

If you have seen Bloomberg’s extremely capable crew up close in action, day in and day out, as I did as a reporter for WNYC during the Bloomberg’s years in the mayor’s office, you would know his underlings are meticulous.

They have been drilling this race for years. …

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