Want REAL Change! The Empty, Half-Baked Politics Of Corporate Democratic Half Measures Won’t Save Us

It’s gonna’ take more than an election.
It’s gonna’ take an ongoing movement!


[Editor’s Note: Wow, now here’s a smart, incisive take on what it will take for us — not just a candidate — to save ourselves. — Mark L. Taylor]

Rumble With Michael Moore (1/29/20)

The failures of liberal half measures, compromise and “third way” politics has opened the door for right-wing demagogues to take power. It has also re-awakened a militant and energized left to combat both the wackadoodle right and the tepid center. We’re seeing this play out in American politics and the 2020 Democratic primary.

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor is a scholar, author and activist. Her writing and speaking has incisively and ferociously exposed the failures of capitalism and the necessity of a fierce struggle to overcome it. She joins Michael to discuss how the hell we got here and how we liberate ourselves.

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