A Radical Message Of What REAL Resistance In This Nation Will Take If We Are To Survive

“It is our job to make people in power feel fear. That’s our job. … You know why they are so scared? Because they know even better than we do how corrupt and fixed the system is. … They understand how hated they are and that makes them weak.

This talk by Chris Hedges has been posted in the Commoner Call before, and is well worth the time, but it is being re-posted now specifically for Hedges’ call to resist. After the bumbling debacle of the Iowa caucus and the corrupting influence of oligarch Michael Bloomberg’s millions in the primary process, it is reasonable to question the hope for a simple readjustment within the current corrupt, venal political system as naive.

 Hedges delivers a harsh, straight-up message of both the situation and what it will take if we are to be free and for any chance to turn back the complete degradation of the global environment. Hedges speaks specifically on the issue of citizen resistance and how to undermine the corporate state, beginning at the 54-minute point in the video.

— Mark L. Taylor, Editor

Link To 1-Hour And 11-Minute Video