Why Australia Is Burning

As firefighters battle climate collapse triggered bushfires, Australia’s conservative Prime Minister fights to protect coal corporations.


The Daily / The New York Times (1/13/20)

Wildfires have devastated Australia, incinerating an area roughly the size of West Virginia and killing 24 people and as many as half a billion animals.

Today, we explore the human and environmental costs of the disaster, its connection to climate change and why so many Australians are frustrated by Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response.

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Australian Wildfires Prove Denying Climate Change Won’t Save You From It

The Real News (1/7/20)

Climate scientist Michael Mann is in Australia, where the bushfire crisis is unfolding in real time. He says voters there need to look for ‘climate hawks’ who can counteract the climate-denying policies of politicians like current prime minister Scott Morrison.

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