The Real Risk Of Biden Winning: “Playing it safe is going to get us killed.”


“If Democrats meet the public’s demand for real change with something fake, the other side is willing to offer the real thing. The real risk of a Joe Biden nomination might not be that he could lose to Trump — though that is certainly plausible — but that he will beat Trump, fail to deliver, and open the door for a fascist who actually knows what he’s doing. Playing it safe is going to get us killed.”

— Ryan Grim, last paragraph from the epilogue of “We’ve Got People: From Jesse Jackson to Alexandria-Cortez, and the End of Big Money and the Rise of a Movement”, 2018 (p. 395).

  • The Book Corporate Dems Do NOT Want You Reading: Recent History Of Democratic Party Reveals Corrosive Influence Of Corporate Cash, Betrayal Of Workers & The Road To Reform — In his new book Intercept journalist Ryan Grim lays out what exactly has happened to what used to be known as the party of the working people. Grim shows that when democrats truly stand for progressive ideas and values they win. As Grim documents in this fascinating book, over and over, tired old usual program of Democratic Party Wall Street obsequious corporate ‘centrism’ is the ticket to failure and ruin. If we — and the climate crisis stressed planet — hope to survive, we must wrest back control of the Democratic party. The three video interviews linked to in this story are excellent. Link To Story, 2 Videos And 1 Audio