Comedy Group Replaced The Covers Of Trump Jr.’s Whiny New Book

Daddy, Please Love Me: How everything I do is to earn my father’s love

By Walter Einenkel
Daily Kos (11/8/19)

A New York City Barnes & Noble was the site of a prank performed by comedy group The Good Liars. The release of the greasiest Trump’s new memoir (which spends most of its ghost-written pages complaining about being a victim) seems to have inspired the fun.

To add more context, the books were placed in a Young Adult display section at the store.

I suspect most Young Adult readers and authors will be justifiably offended by the proximity of such trash writing, but the point being made has more to do with emotional age than anything else. According to The Hill, the comedy duo has done this before, putting up “Need a lawyer? Call Crazy Rudy” subway advertisements.

Trump Jr.’s memoir-ish thing is technically titled Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us. But the alternative Daddy, Please Love Me: How everything I do is to earn my father’s love, does have a more honest and appropriately sad ring to it. Junior’s book is filled with the lack of awareness we have come to expect from a Trump, including his reflections on how his family has sacrificed in the same ways that those U.S. veterans buried at Arlington National Cemetery have.

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