The FBI Told Congress Domestic Terror Investigations Led To 90 Recent Arrests. It Wouldn’t Show Us Records Of Even One.

We sought information on the FBI’s claims of 90 domestic terrorism arrests and, frankly, it got kind of weird.

By Fritz Zimmermann
ProPublia (8/9/19)

On July 23, FBI Director Christopher Wray told the Senate Judiciary Committee that federal investigations of domestic terrorism had led to some 100 arrests in the last nine months. While the FBI quickly announced that the number was 90, not 100, the basic message appeared unchanged: The FBI was actively investigating and prosecuting domestic terrorists.

The 90 arrests have been cited countless times since last weekend’s killing of 22 people in El Paso, Texas, by a man suspected of harboring racist views of immigrants. To find out more, we contacted the FBI on Monday, asking who had been arrested, as well as where and when, and what the allegations were in each case.

Four days later, we have been given next to no information about them.

Our first inquiry on Monday was straightforward: We asked for basic information about each of the 90 arrests, which we assumed had all been publicly announced.

The entire exchange left us increasingly perplexed. The FBI had clearly been proud of its record in making arrests of possible domestic terrorists. …Why wouldn’t the FBI be able to quickly cite its array of successes?