Thom Hartmann Says Now Is The Time For Dems To Finally Get Tough With Trump


Ralph Nader Radio Hour (7/20/19)

“To go back to what they taught me in psychotherapy school, when confronted with a bully, kick him in the nuts. I really think this is what the Democrats need to be doing. They need to be going at Donald Trump with everything they have, and just calling him a racist is nowhere near enough. He’s also a criminal. He’s also a thief, and has been throughout his life. He’s a rapist. And that’s fairly well documented.

These are words that really need to be attached to him, particularly if he’s going to do things like telling the four women – the so-called ‘Squad,’ to go back to the countries they came from. And it was clear he was talking to all four of them. And he and Lindsey Graham are going to call them communists and all this kind of crap. It’s really time to bring the war into his face. ”

Thom Hartmann is host of The Thom Hartmann Program.

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