Notably Quotable: “There’s a direct relationship between the ballot box and the bread box, and…”


“There’s a direct relationship between the ballot box and the bread box, and what the union fights for and wins at the bargaining table can be taken away in the legislative halls.”

— Walter Reuther, President of the UAW


“Pity the nation whose people are sheep/And whose shepherds mislead them/Pity the nation whose leaders are liars/Whose sages are silenced/And whose bigots haunt the airwaves/Pity the nation that raises not its voice/Except to praise conquerers/And acclaim the bully as hero.”

— Lawrence Ferlinghetti


“Our nation is operating concentration camps for refugee children. We need to stop denying that and decide if we are comfortable with that fact. And how we will explain it to our children.”

— The Salt Lake Tribune, editorial (6/23/19)


“Fear is a disease that eats away at logic and makes man inhuman.”
— Marian Anderson, Singer

“Where will all the guards, sycophants, stooges, torturers, toadies, killers and the morally empty needed for the fascist coup come from? Get real, they are all around us. Time to get serious about resistance.”

— Mark L. Taylor, Watch As Blustery Military Cop Tries To Intimidate Elderly Japanese-American Internment Survivors Protesting Plan To Jail Migrant Kids At WWII Prison Camp.


“Bernie Sanders was putting people on fire with ideas. All the Democrats were on fire out by us. I have never seen anything like that. Once he was out and it was just Hillary and Donald Trump, the anger shifted over and got behind Trump because they didn’t care. They just wanted to crush the establishment.”

— Former Wisconsin Republican state senator Dale Schultz, from “The Fall Of Wisconsin: The Conservative Conquest Of A Progressive Bastion And The Future Of American Politics” (2018) p.189.


“The only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is the velocities with which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door.”

— Ralph Nader