Not Only Was America Not Christian But Founders Invented A Pagan Goddess Upon Which To Found The Government

Salvation for sale in the Walmart checkout line…


By Thom Hartman (4/4/19)

Despite popular misconceptions from right wing media, America, the United States was not founded as a Christian nation.

America has roots in the deism of the founding fathers, atheism of the enlightenment. The Founding fathers even went so far as to create an American God (Far before Neil Gaiman).

The Goddess Columbia was the creation of the founding fathers who thought the nation should have their own goddess to protect the young nation. This doesn’t sound very christian does it?

8+-Minute Video

  • “Cannons Of Christianity” by Phil Ochs — Phil Ochs (1940-1976) was an American folk/protest singer known for his sharp wit and sardonic sense of humor. A movie recently came out about him called “Phil Ochs – There but for Fortune”, which led to my discovery of his excellent music: Link to 6-Minute Video

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