Joke’s On You, Suckers! Inside The Bizarre Bipartisan Pro-Corporate ‘Alfalfa’ Political Club

“The marriage of our law makers and corporate interest.”

[Editor’s Note: This is both a Republican and Democratic corruption scene. The embodiment of all that is corrupt in American politics. Democrat John Kerry is the president of this rotten little cabal of thieves. Alfalfa Club? Talk about a bad seed! — Mark L. Taylor]

The Young Turks (1/28/19)

“It’s that time of year again: when the biggest of bigwigs don black tie garb and descend upon the Capital Hilton ballroom to bask in the collective glow of their stunning accomplishments — and consume lots of booze. It’s the 106th annual Alfalfa Club dinner and, despite the collective PTSD of the longest partial government shutdown on record, the party must go on. In fact, according to our source in the room (the dinner is closed to press), Saturday night’s celebration — held just one day after President Trump agreed to reopen the government for three weeks — was surprisingly one of the most harmonious in years. ‘It was quite remarkable,’ the person said, ‘considering what everyone had been through.'”

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