A Commoner Writes: Media Mum On Any Questions Regarding Corporate Line On Decommissioned Genoa Nuke Plant


It’s always amazing to me how reporters can take company press releases that have been massaged and sterilized to reduce concerns about a viable risk to human and environmental health and reduce that threat to the equivalent of eating a hot dog: “No foul, no risk, but we are required to report.”

From the Monday (1/28) La Crosse TribuneReport: Source of radioactive groundwater located; no contamination of drinking water, Mississippi River.

I wonder how the people of Genoa feel? The workers at the plant?

Were there any real questions to people outside the self-interested PR department of Dairyland Power and its nuclear buddies?

As always: Move along, move along, nothing to see here, folks.

Guy Wolf
La Crosse, WI

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