Hooked: Meet The Most Corporate PAC-Addicted Reps In Congress. Guess Who Is No. 4 On The List…

Rep. Ron kind doing his best to ignore the needs and desires of his constituents for universal Medicare For All health care at the 2018 Third Congressional District Democratic Convention.


By Mark L. Taylor
The Commoner Call (1/21/19)

Wisconsin’s Rep. Ron Kind ranks as Number 4 Top Corporate PAC Sell-Out in the House of Representatives!!!

Want to have health care coverage for your kids? Well don’t bother talking to “Bottom Dollar” Ron Kind, the Wisconsin rep financed and funded by the corrupt industrial ‘health’ complex. The photo is from the Third CD 2018 convention, where “Bottom Dollar” jumped away from the podium after a brief address to avoid taking questions from a large number of dems who showed up with signs and buttons in support of the legislation for Medicare 4 All.

This corporate quisling needs to be voted OUT in 2020.


Who He Serves: Ron Kind’s Profitable Wall Street Connections

From Sludge (1/17/19)

Ron Kind (D-Wis.)— 73.4% funded by corporate PACs ($1,683,793)
House Ways and Means Committee member Ron Kind, who is Chair Emeritus of the centrist New Democrat Coalition, took large PAC contributions from several health insurance companies last cycle, including Blue Cross Blue Shield and affiliates ($19,500), MetLife ($11,000), and Humana ($10,000). In November, following the midterm election, Kind told The Hill that he did not want the House to vote on a “Medicare for All” single-payer health care system because it would not pass the Republican-controlled Senate. Besides the insurance industry, Kind has taken large sums of PAC money from a wide range of industries, including from Target ($10,000), Deloitte ($10,000) and Verizon ($7,500). …

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