“Late Night” Host Seth Meyers Checks In On “Trump Country” To See How It’s Handling “winning so much.”


By Mark L. Taylor
The Commoner Call (1/17/19)

In one of the best pieces of commentary/reporting in quite some time, comedian Seth Meyers on Tuesday (1/15) laid bare the grim truth and tragedy of what is happening to rural America under Donald Trump’s rule of ineptitude. ego and cynical manipulation. Far from being “tired of winning”, much of rural America is just plain tired — wrung out and exhausted.

While support for Trump has softened a tad as the bruising reality of his shutdown of the government spreads, his hardcore true believers remain — and will remain — loyal to the guy most responsible for their continuing misery. In fact, for the fascist ruler, such misery is essential as he diverts the understandable fury of those without jobs, hope and resources at immigrants, minorities, gays, non-Christians etc. ‘Divide ‘n Demonize’  will keep many (most) of these people snug in the Trumpian fold.

While idled coal miners will remain unemployed, Trump will continue to mine their understandable rage and frustration and fear of being left behind.

There is an opportunity here for democrats, if only they will stand for real reform of our corrupt political and economic system and propose real change. This is not the time for timid democratic party reruns and recycling slick hypocritical Obama 2.0 “Hope and Change” media blitzes. If they can overcome their addiction to corporate dollars and propose real reform and effectively frame those ideas the next election is the democrats to lose.

If they don’t, the misery and fury will build and the dems will have simply enabled and stoked Trump’s lethal con.

Link to Story and 7+-Minute Video