‘Iron Stache’ Gets A New Job To Encourage More Working-class Folks To Run For Office

By Dominc Rushe
The Guardian (12/21/18)

Randy Bryce, the former ironworker who helped push Republican House speaker Paul Ryan out of politics, is launching a campaign to attract more working-class candidates to run for office.

In November’s midterm elections Bryce, nicknamed “Iron Stache”, narrowly lost a bid for Ryan’s old House seat in Wisconsin to Republican Bryan Steil.

The often bitterly fought campaign drew national attention in a battleground state that swung for Trump in the last election but saw Democrats win key seats. Bryce’s forceful opposition to Ryan was seen as a key factor in Ryan’s decision to not seek re-election.

In his new role, Bryce will be a senior adviser to the Working Families party(WFP), a political action group backed by unions and community organizations that backs progressive causes.

WFP initially asked Bryce to run against Ryan. “They have always been interested in getting working-class people to run,” said Bryce. “There are too many millionaires in Congress. They don’t know what it’s like to be laid off in the middle of winter and wonder: how am I going to pay my bills?”

Bryce said a couple of people had already asked for his guidance on running for office in the wake of the Democrats’ midterm success, which saw a record number of women and people of diverse backgrounds elected. …

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