You Just Know This Has DNC & Their Lobbyist Pals Grinding Their Molars: Richard Ojeda Announces Run For Presidency


Oh, let Richard Ojeda bust open the debate for the 2020 Democratic presidential campaign! It would be great to see the off-the-shelf-mass-produced corporate dems get in a debate with Ojeda. Want to hear a real progressive call to arms and restoration of some basic rights, values, security and decency in the nation? You’ll find it here but you won’t find it among the threadbare rerun democrats talking themselves up for 2020.

Ojeda could be just the kind of challenger to stir up the kind of vigorous debate the democrats need if they really want to get back on track with the needs of Americans to defeat Trump and the russpublicans in 2020. You can expect the Democratic National Committee to do their best to sideline Ojeda and stick with their creaky neoliberal ways in order to not offend their grifting big money Wall Street donors.

The lamestream media will do it’s best to keep Ojeda off the air and muffle the debate, so pass this along to your contacts.

Let a real debate for 2020 begin!

— Mark L. Taylor

Link to 13-Minute Video