Practical Advice For Life In Our Modern America: What Experts Want You To Know About Being Caught In An Active Shooter Situation

No one should ever have to prepare for a mass shooting, but these safety tips might save your life.

By Nicole Pajer
Huffpost (11/9/18)

It’s a dreadful reality of living in America right now that there are, and likely will be more, mass shootings. Though it may be impossible to predict where and when they’ll occur ― and the odds are very small that you’ll encounter one ― security experts have some basic safety tips that can help you prepare for the unlikely but horrific situation.

“During an active shooter situation, it is estimated that law enforcement response time may be between five to six minutes. And on average, an active shooter situation lasts anywhere between five to eight minutes,” said Steve Guerrero, director of security for the nonprofit Green Dot Public Schools in Los Angeles.

So saving your life may be up to you. No one should ever have to fear for their safety in a bara place of worshipan exercise class or any other ordinary location. But a little knowledge ― hopefully knowledge that you never have to use ― can be beneficial.

HuffPost talked with the experts on what they want everyone to know about potential or active shooter situations, including steps to take when something seems off and other useful protection measures. …

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