Know Who Hates You: A Short Video Guide To American White Supremacist Fascist Groups


Think Progress (8/8/18)

White supremacists in America are not a unified group, but a loose coalition of hate groups, each fringe and dangerous in their own way. In the year since the deadly violence on display at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., different white nationalist, anti-immigrant, and general hate groups have demonstrated in cities across the country. The Nationalist Socialist Movement, Vanguard America, and League of the South held a “White Lives Matter” rally in Shelbyville, Tenn. in October. In July and again in August, hate groups Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys clashed with anti-hate protestors in Portland, Ore.

Smaller demonstrations — including the gathering of Identity Evropa members who chanted “build the wall” in front of the Mexican consulate in Manhattan — might only be distinguishable by a flag.

This is a guide to identifying the symbols and chants used by different factions of white supremacists in America.

Link to 6-Minute Video


Prominent White Nationalist Tweets Picture Of His White House Visit

By Stephanie Kirchgaessner
The Guardian (11/7/18)

A white nationalist with ties to violent extremism announced on Twitter that he had visited the White House, even as Donald Trump decried as “racist” a reporter’s question about the president’s recent claim that he was a “nationalist”.

Patrick Casey, the executive director of a white nationalist group called Identity Evropa, which helped to plan the deadly 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA in which a counter-protester was murdered, tweeted a picture of himself on the grounds of the White House.

The tweet – showing a picture of Casey on White House grounds, with the words “Evropa has landed at the White House!” – was posted on Wednesday but it is not clear whether the pictures were taken simultaneously. …

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