Republican Strategist Rick Wilson Provides No-Holds Barred Insight On The Trump White House & Straight-Up Advice To Democrats


[Editor’s Note: This interview with form Bush campaign adviser Rick Wilson is an insightful, challenging and at times funny no-holds-barred assessment of the existential risk of the Trump administration and those who enable his destructive behavior. He also provides some spot-on assessment of the democratic party weak-kneed political malpractice. — Mark L. Taylor]

Commonwealth Club (11/1/18)

Rick Wilson is a seasoned Republican political strategist and self-proclaimed infamous negative ad maker. His regular column with The Daily Beast is a must-read in the political community, and he’s widely published in The Washington Post, Politico and The Hill. In Everything Trump Touches Dies, Wilson brings his dark humor and biting analysis to what he calls the “absurdity of American politics in the Age of Trump.” Come hear this lifelong conservative’s views of a Republican Party that he says “has abandoned its principles” and what that bodes for the future of the country.

Link to 1-Hour, 8-Minute Video