Two Years In, Trump Can Still Count On News Media To Mindlessly Do His Bidding

By George Lakoff
George Lakoff’s Facebook Page (10/28/18)

Two years in, Trump and the right wing can still count on the news media to do their bidding. Constant repetition of their lies and language help spread it far and wide. They know that constant repetition of lies – even to debunk them – only makes them more sticky.

Here are their tactics in use:

1. Frame first, meaning get your understanding of the situation out there.

2. Divert attention from things you don’t want people to pay attention to, for example by attacking somebody else.

3. Attack the messenger or assign blame to someone else and deflect it away from you, for example the press.

4. Launch a trial balloon and say something outrageous, an extreme version of what you believe to see what the reaction is and if it isn’t too bad you are in the clear.

Sound familiar? As long as the media breathlessly covers every word of their lies and frames, Trump and his ilk win. It’s time for journalists to stop parroting Trump’s lies and instead focus on the real truth that he doesn’t want people to hear. (from January 2018)

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