A Commoner Writes: Many Layers To Jamal Khashoggi Story

[Editor’s Note: Links have been added so readers can learn more about information referred to in this letter. — Mark L. Taylor]

No one seems to want to point out that this guy [journalist Jamal Khashoggi] was a critic of the crown prince but a big fan of the old school house of Saud. Not a real reformer at all, just a representative of the people who resent being pushed from power. One thing though: this guy knew a lot about the Saudi government’s rather large role in supporting the 9/11 terrorist plot. As you may have heard, the 9/11 survivors law suit against the Saudi government has been allowed to go forward and this guy Jamal Khashoggi most likely knew a lot about it and hasn’t been acting like a reliable keeper of secrets.

Ask yourself why the Saudis were so desperate to kill him that they would risk doing it in their own consulate in Turkey. Also ask yourself why there were four phone calls apparently made from the consulate immediately after Khashoggi was killed to Saudi Arabia but also one call made to the United States [Confirmation of this last phone call could not be found. — Ed.]. Again I refer you to the Andrew Cockburn article in Harper’s from a year or so ago about the rather damning evidence of direct Saudi government involvement in 9/11 . It’s rather disturbing as is [former FBI director and now Trump/Russia lead investigator] Robert Mueller’s role in attempting to squelch that evidence back when he was part of the Bush/Cheney machine.

William Rowe