See Why Democrat Paul Buhr Is Right For The 96th District


Vernon County Democratic Party (10/14/18)

At a recent debate in Prairie du Chiend, Paul Buhr said what many of you may be thinking, “I imagine when you look at these two candidates you might wonder: ‘What’s the difference? There are two dairy farmers up here.’ ”

If you’re wondering that, please take the time to watch the video of last night’s debate:

We promise that you will see a HUGE difference between Paul and his bumbling opponent.

Paul is:

  • With us on the issues, from healthcare (he supports Tony Evers’ commitment to Badgercare for All!), to climate change (he respects science!) to decriminalizing marijuana
  • Ready to fight to return local control to our local representatives, and bring much-needed money for roads into our district
  • Committed to being an active, engaged and accessible representative
  • Vocal about the damage that Foxconn is doing to our district
  • Smart and articulate

Paul Buhr will bring real change to Madison for the residents of the 96th!

We have three weeks left to win this race and the GOP is flooding our district with lies, funded by dark out-of-state billionaire dollars!