Hey, Youngsters, America’s Old Farts Have A Message For You: “Don’t Vote!”

An edgy Knock the Vote social media ad has been gaining social media traction this week features old white seniors Trump supporters taunting younger citizens into not voting in the upcoming November elections.

“Tax cuts for the rich? Hell yeah, I’m rich as fuck,” one old fart declares in the ad.

Another declares: “Climate change? That’s a you problem. I’ll be dead soon.”

The ad concludes with a bitter bit of prediciiton: “We’ll be there, but you won’t because we’re a generation of doers, not whiners. We’re doing great.”

Link to 1-Minute Video

(Commoner Call cartoon by Mark L. Taylor, 2018. Open source and free for non-derivative use with link to www.thecommonercall.org )


This Millennial Voter Poll Will SHOCK (And Inspire) You

The Young Turks (10/4/18)

“Nearly half of millennial Democrats identify as democratic socialists or socialists, according to a new poll of millennials in the US from BuzzFeed News and Maru/Blue.

The poll, which ran from Sept. 21 to 24 and questioned people aged 22 to 37, showed deep gender divides among millennials across a stretch of political questions, from what types of candidates they’d support to their own engagement in politics.

Millennial men were much more likely than women to call themselves a socialist or democratic socialist, with 39% of all men saying they’d identify that way compared to 22% of all women. Forty-eight percent of Democrats said they’d call themselves either a socialist or democratic socialist, compared to 31% of all millennials. Overall, 24% of millennial Democrats said it would not make a difference to them if a candidate for political office was referred to as a “socialist” — 37% of all millennial men said it would make them more likely to vote for the candidate, compared to 19% of millennial women. Only 15% of millennial Democrats and 27% of all millennials said they’d be less likely to vote for a candidate referred to as a socialist.”

Link to Story and 9-Minute Video